How To Cut Through Your Mind Made Bullshit And Create From Your Essence
Join psychologist and entrepreneur Joel aan ‘t Goor in this FREE, live and interactive masterclass as he shares Game-Changing insights into YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY. Disrupt yourself as a human being and creator in a way you did not think was possible. Find out why others who attended this masterclass are saying this was the ignition for a more meaningful and impactful life. 

What You Will Learn

  • Which limiting beliefs within your personality are keeping you away from your full potential: Before the webinar you will fill out the extraordinary Purpose Scan. The insights it will give you about yourself will blow your mind.
  • The profound 3 step approach to living and creating from your true essence. When you understand this your life will never be the same.
  • A simple yet highly effective exercise to increase your clarity: A few minutes of this will change your experience of reality.

Get ROASTED and DISRUPT yourself in just 90 minutes

By the end of this live masterclass you will have a new deeper understanding about yourself.  With that you will have ignited  the rise to your next level as a creator, entrepreneur or professional. 

About Joel aan 't Goor

Joel is a psychologist and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Awake Origins, the international movement of conscious creators, entrepreneurs and  leaders. Joel's purpose is reflected within Awake Origins: accelerate the awakening of humanity and co-create a brighter future. How? By establishing the tipping point for transformation on earth by deepening the awakening and connecting 10% of inside out creators, entrepreneurs and leaders in the world.

What Others Say About Joel and Awake Origins

I love you man, You have a great presence. Just keep on doing your good work.
Wim HOF - The Iceman
Lots of lessons and new motivation to create a better version of myself!
Josefien Groot - co-founder and CEO at QLayers
I did an event in the Netherlands with Joel and he's a very credible guy.
Jordan B. Peterson
"Awake Origins helps me to hear my inner voice, each time louder and louder. I feel connected with the people around me, my purpose and nature. 
Martijn Peeters - CEO and co-founder Camptoo
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